Wednesday, August 27, 2014


when in spain one must try churros con chocolate. so you just had it just once at a cafe well known for this.
the churros is nice with the right texture, the chocolate is alright, sticky and creamy texture, perfect for the churros dip.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


 the playa la concha early in the morning, where the tide is low and people are few... the beach really has the shape of shell (concha) as it curved at both ends of the beach
this is the left side of the beach as you're checking out the miramar palace
 the cloud has some sort of pattern which is quite unique and artistic
and right here is this your view....
as you sit on the bench and enjoy your outlook to the sea....
 the beach get crowded in the afternoon where people start coming out for sun tanning, swimming or surfing
 and this is the right side of playa la concha, you wish you have time to walk beyond the fishing village as from there on is another beach but you're just not in shape for a walk after the pintxos tour
 so you chose to sit at the pier and enjoy people watching
day dreaming and counting the waves...

Monday, August 25, 2014


a beautiful palace where the spanish monarchy spent the summer. for many years, the royal family chose san sebastian for their holidays because of its beaches and climate. 
and the scenery and the architecture here definitely worth the 15 min of walk from where you're and return....

Sunday, August 24, 2014


a library with period character. actually almost too pretty to be a library. while sitting here you actually day dreaming of attending a royal functions or ball event.
you came in to avoid the rain and also took the chance to recharge your cell phone, book wise they're all in spanish except a brief document that explains the history and architecture of the library.
lovely quiet place and definitely an oasis in the old town.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


while waiting for your pintxos tour to start, you stroll around the area by yourself...
 you notice there's a sort of market going on just outside the covered building
 little you know this is a place where the local producers congregate to sell their produces
 you're told this is the 3* mushroom because some michellin chefs just came by and placed their orders
 and every thing you see here are sold directly from the farmers, mean while inside the building that's where the market bretxa is
 it's not surprise to see the ham hanging and for sales here
 likewise the idiazabal cheese, cheese unique to basque country, taste really great and smokey though the cheese is un-smoked
you judge the freshness of the fish by its gills
and seafood is of course the highlight in this market, with tuna (bonito) on every fish stalls as now is the season for it.
you love strolling the market when you're traveling, even though you know you probably won't be able to haul anything back but it's the scents and seeing how the local interact to one another that intrigue you, plus you actually got a good course of explanation as the guide of pintxos tour also brought you here to explain the gastronomy of san sebastian.

Friday, August 22, 2014


you past by here and decided to drop in for dinner. actually it's the curiosity that drives you to enter and check it out.  scandinavian by its name and scandinavian by its interior design.  this place is clean, spacious and airy.
you asked for the choice for breakfast and decided to go scandinavian by having a smoked salmon toast and a coffee. it's good, not to salty and a brief break away from the basque kitchen of either sweet pastry or a savory pintxos as breakfast.
 you chatted with the chef (on the left), since he is one of the very rare who can speak english.  he worked in copenhagen before and that he wants the restaurant/cafe to have scandinavian design. that's explain the name too.
so you decided to return for dinner tonight.  they offered different types of dinner and you opt for 5 courses surprise menu. yet there's a few dishes that you really would like to try and they accommodate your wishes

 the monkfish soup with salmorejo, very tasty and refreshing and a clever use of black sesame seeds that add a bit of crunchiness to the soup
 scallop with artichoke mousse, you don't need more seasoning when the ingredient is at its best and freshest!  you actually wanted to try the tuna burger with black charcoal bread but that's not to your avail, so the rest became a surprise menu from the third course onward...
 the squid cooked with teriyaki sauce and wakame. this is not bad but you just didn't expect a japanese cuisine in a basque country.  even then there's nothing to fault when the fresh ingredients were used and the teriyaki sauce is teriyaki in your humble opinion.
 and a beef steak with peanut sauce but the peanut sauce has a more distinct miso aroma than peanut, that said it's still a very nicely cooked beef and pair well with the sauce
you thought your dessert is merely a cappuccino, but you're wrong as what sits under the frothy cream is pineapple granite and the mousse is actually the coconut cream with a hint of cinnamon powder, pair really well with the chocolate brownie.

beside a long pause between the third and the fourth course (partly due to the mis-communication), the whole dining experience was excellence, you started at 7.30pm and didn't leave until over 10pm.  this restaurant is definitely a rising star and star potential!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

1 cor 13:13 and now these three remain: faith, hope and love. but the greatest of these is love.

my recent acquisition after i saw a sister who wear one of these bracelets.  i got hold of the faith, hope and love because these are the common elements that we often take for granted.  and as i wore them to bilbao, i lost my "faith" in bilbao.  that's a pity but thanked God it's just the lost of my bracelet and not my faith.  for my faith is in my spirit and that's not something that can be easily lost or stolen away.
hope you found the same faith too!

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