Friday, October 24, 2014


two panels of mosaics, one tells the story of Jesus with his disciples, and the other entails mary and the ladies. this is theodric's intepretation of the gosple with a bit of arian culture.  this place is a structural building that buit next to his palace (?).   the palace is perhaps not true based on the book that you read.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


a visit in the evening, small pristine tomb that meant for herself but she was buried in rome at the end
this place is constructed for galla placidia the half sister of empoeror honorius who initiated the construction of many of ravenna's grandest buildings. mosaic was the oldest from ad430.

set aside the history, you like this place even though you visited in the night you're not afraid to be with the tombs.  the cupola depicts the four books of gospel and you know this is again  a depiction that very close to the early churches,  the mosaic is quite exquisite and decorated with fine details, very feminine too, fit for a noble lady like  galla placidia.

the weather is getting more depressing by day. i am still not a fan of autumn or winter after living a decade in lowland.  hopefully my next project will come through very soon and then at least i have something to look forward to, the destination that is a little warmer and fully of sunshine hopefully.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


chanced into this gelateria when you're doing the research on restaurants.  the recommendations are all in italian but with google translate you manage to track down the worthiness of walking more than 1.5km outside of ravenna inner city to have a taste of the gelato.
in your opinion, this is indeed the best gelato experience from you trip, probably the best ever from all the gelato that you've ever eaten.
judging from the way the local come here and buying tubs and tubs of gelato, and the two scoops that you got for yourself was definitely worth the walking trip...

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


saint vitale, your first visit to one of the many mosaic monuments in the city.
from the outside, the cathedral looks somber, almost like an ordinary brick house/building.
but inside you're wowed by the mosaic on the floor, then the renaissance fresco in most part of the ceiling but the gem is one corner where it's decorated with flourish mosaic.
 above all, you could tell Jesus is the center! that's it, Jesus is the center of the church.
these are some disciples that you don't recognized but most of the stories en-craved with mosaic are familiar to you.  you stood in awe as you appreciate the mosaic and amazed at the beauty of such creations that look so real. you know this is the untwisted truth from the early Christianity where the mosaic were constructed just 300 - 400 years after the death of Jesus, where everything still pure and genuine before the roman catholic regime comes into picture.

constructed in 548ad, it's one of the most important of early christian art. the eastern influence has a dominate role here, a basilica with rave and two aisles but a central octagonal plan topped by a large cupola.  inside saint vitale, the eyes are drawn to to the mosaic decorations of apse with the extra ordinary representation of byzantine imperial couple, justinaian and theodora.

back to your travel story... as this is a stay put week for you.  the weather is getting colder by day, and a strong wind is sweeping over the lowland, stay safe everyone

Monday, October 20, 2014

time is too short to say you have explored the city.  so you will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

the interior of the museum is like under the water, and this is the staircase that leads you to the main exhibition area. other than the fashion house exhibition, there's also a section dedicated to chinese arts.
tiananmen and the body of president mao
ai weiwei's watermelon made in porcelain
other photo exhibitions by chinese artist
then there're variety of exhibitions, some are boring but some just caught your attention like this glittering objects.
and a set of 3 tables with fine metal or titanium compostions
and a cinema to watch some off the mainstream short film or a perfect place to rest the feet
another exhibition the king of groningen,
with impressive collection of ceramics and family crest imprint on all the porcelains.
all in all a good museum that made the north bound journey worthwhile.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

imagine you step into the museum like watching a fashion show. it's a delight to see marga wiemans in the fashion house.
it's colorful, vibrant and dynamic. delightful for a weekend museum visit.

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