Tuesday, June 23, 2015


as soon as your friend arrived from taichung, she brought you to a shop selling hand made fish noodles.  it's not just normal noodles with fish but the noodles itself already had fish flesh embedded into it.  thus making the noodles look coarse and uneven.  the soup broth is great, no trace of artificial flavorings. the noodles has the right texture. so simple bowl of soup noodles, yet the taste palate is accentuated to the next level at this humble fish noodle stalls. as for him, he got an extra bowl of minced meat rice bowl.  this is normally called ru rou fan in taipei or elsewhere in taiwan.  in tainan, this is called rou chao fan.
 you when to the fruits stall not too far from confuses temple.  this is again a very popular fruit stall where one could order just pure fruits, mixed fruits shaved ice, mixed fruits shaved ice with pudding. the possibility is endless.
you had a mixed fruits (mango and water guava) shaved ice with pudding, she had a pure mango shaved ice with pudding and milk.  it's really a great idea to lower your body temperature as you're perspiring at that moment.

also along the confuses temple, he wanted a taiwan sausage, so at the end you had a taste of two flavors original flavor and black pepper flavor. both are good but it's just not something for you in such a hot weather.
at the end of the street you decided to try taiwan variation of japense oden.  it doesn't give you any wow factor other than another street food, not quite like the japanese oden either.
 tainan local delicacies, mostly hokkien influence and you quite liked it...
noodles joints, in chinese it sounded like "spaghetti" but really this is a local invention with japanese twists. for you the highlight of the meal was the fresh octopus dipped in wasabi.

 beef soup, super delicious and tender...
this bowl of porridge is packed with flavors, really reminded you of your home town.  a true taste of home found in tainan.
 coffin bread, invention of tainan. in fact it's originated from western chowder sort of thick soup.  the coffin bread takes it to the next level by burring it in a toast that resembles coffin with a cover.
different types of street foods that you acquired from street side...
 best hokkien style dumpling ever, hands down. it's really way superior than those you could found at home...
or-chien, oyster omelet. quite similar to what you're accustomed to except this is a tat too sweet to your liking. you probably like it better without the sauce.

Monday, June 22, 2015

8/17 haian.arts.street

strictly speaking there are more to show case than just these two photos.  however, for you, this was like a quick enroute to shennongjie and to the night market. you know they're street arts than these just time was not on your side. but for what you saw, you quite like it actually.

Saturday, June 20, 2015


a little pause from your travel tale...  the truth is you're back to jet-setting again after a six months pause. while you're enjoying your jet-setting you need to get use to dinning out and dinning late once again. while you can bear with the yummy delicious that  your destination could offer, you still need to get use to dinning late, let alone the absence from your regular sport routine.
with such traveling you haven't got time to wrap any zhongzi, neither your mil since she just had an operation on her arm recently. 
you're  blessed to have a friend who made these 'bakchang' or zhongzi and give it to you willingly and unconditionally. you won't have the chance to celebrate this on the actual day with zhongzi if it's not out of her generosity. 
happy duanwujie!端午节快乐!

Friday, June 19, 2015

8/17 night.market

strolling the night market at  tainan is definitely an experience!  the air is humid, the scent is a mixture of sweat, heat from the stalls and the aroma of the food sold by different stalls. the picturesspeak louder than word...

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

8/17 fort.provintia

you spent your morning at chikan tower (赤崁樓). a former dutch fortress called fort provintia.  it's just a stone throw away from where you lodged but with such a hot weather it's almost impossible to venture too far.
the site while being a historical site, the trace of dutch presence is almost unnoticed, what is left from the originally fort provintia is just a ruined wall beneath the current building.  the history of this site is simple, starting from the dutch presence to konxiga, then the ming and qing dynasty to the japanese occupation. the place has been torn down and rebuilt multiple times by different powers in reign.
it's a warm day so you actually spent most of your time hibernating at a breezy corner, taking in a touch of dutch history in this place...

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

7/17 美濃民俗村

the weather is still fine but you're moving on to your next destination.  you bid farewell to jialeshui and drive north bound. and within 2 hours drive, you're into a hakka village in the province of kaohsiung.  here you're introduced to the hakka culture and heritage.
 the entrance to the meinong folk village
 the hakka umbrellas
 the plants
 the hakka textile lanterns, you almost tempted to buy but at the end you left empty handed
 more hand painted umbrellas, visitors can actually participate in painting an umbrella and bring it home...
the utensils used in the farming...
you had the chance to taste the hakka lui cha or thunder tea (客家擂茶) here.  it's very different from what you're accustomed to,  this cup of lui cha is more like the morning cereal drink and distinct hint of sweetness, it's very different from the hearty and savory thunder tea back in your home country.
it's quite fascinated to see and taste the things of hakka here.

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