Saturday, March 05, 2016


when you woke up the next day, como already drizzling in rain. you have already planned to visit two village this trip, so regardless of rain or shine, you depart as planned. you first wanted to take the ferry but the service is irregular outside of the touristic months, so you depart for bellagio by bus.  about an hour journey and you reached bellagio, not much scenery to see along the way, the drizzle rain becomes snowy sleet by the time you reached bellagio.
it's very cold, there's no sign of human on the streets of bellagio, the temperature is very low, so you have to hop in and out shops to keep yourself warm.  you could have wander a bit further if not because of the weather and temperature.  the sleet is now turning into powdery snow and you almost lost your body temperature so you seek shelter in a cafe and that's where you decided to venture to the next village once your body temperature picks up.
the ferry service between bellagio and varenna is very frequent, so you walk to the jetty, got your ticket, hop on to the ferry and bound for a very short service to varrena.
bellagio is really beautiful as you look out from the ferry.  regardless of the weather, you did enjoy your brief stay at bellagio.
一早起床、科莫市已經下著毛毛雨。原本來科莫湖就想順道拜訪湖中部的兩個知名小鎮。所以不管晴天大雨行程照舊。 初步是以渡輪為主、但後來發現冬季渡輪服務次數很少、幾經考慮決定早上以巴士代步。科莫市到Bellagio大概需要一個多小時的車程。趕上了九點的班車。路程還好、原本風景優美但因為下雨、視線模糊了、遠處的山景和湖景都被霧霾籠罩。一路過來雨變成雪霜、抵達Bellagio時已一片雪白、白雪飄飄、氣溫很低。

Friday, March 04, 2016


 leaving milan for lake como
within 45min, you already arrived in como, checked in and roam around they city. first stop catching the sunset on top of the hill that over looking lake como. the funicular took a lot of time but you're not in the hurry so it's a pleasure to wait and roam up hill slowly
 you definitely loved your outlook from the top
 and your stroll at brunate, small but quaint village with stunning view... some time you really don't mind a journey along, because then you can stop, pause or move on as you wish. that's certainly the plus point for solo traveler.
 you came down and walk to the city center and pause at loft for a cup of coffee.  you feel cold after a few hours venturing at the hill top.  loft is extra quiet as you come after the prime afternoon coffee break and just before the aperitif session.  nevertheless, you enjoy this place.
you left loft and went to another bar for an aperitif and might as well called this dinner with a drink, you are entitle to nibble from the full service of small bites at the bar counter.  this will do for you as dinner and calling it a night.


Wednesday, March 02, 2016


you know you're at italy but you opt for spanish sangria.
you know you're in parma but you opt for cotoletta alla milanese
when your colleagues order their dessert, you opt for limoncello
a bit against the norm but who cares!


Tuesday, March 01, 2016一星級

 the one michelin star restaurant in parma.
couldn't afford a barolo wine tonight as the wine offer here is more expensive than the menu
the bread, the savory pancake and the amuse bouche
the thin waffles with peasant pate apparently is their signature dish, and the remaining tasting menu. they are all good but some how just lacking of the "wow" factor or surprise elements. they are delicious nonetheless...
the palate cleanser, the parmesan cheese from different vintage years and an assorted dessert to finish the meal. again, they are decent but no surprise element one would expect from a star restaurant.
overall, it's an okay dining experience minus the "wow", the fun and surprise elements.


Thursday, February 25, 2016


the week in luxembourg.  it snowed in a day, heavy autumnal mist another day and finally the sky breaks clear with sunlight but cold.  this is the weather of europe and you can't wait for spring to finally arrive. 
這一週在盧森保經歷了冬雪、秋霧 和春寒。已經二月底了、歐洲的天氣還處於春寒期間。期待春天的來臨。

Sunday, February 21, 2016

fifteen.of.cny 圆宵

the feast of the fifteen day of chinese new year, it's a day earlier when you friends host this gathering. each one bring a dish and that really adds up with the beautiful cheese cake made by the host.
this year you hardly feel the atmosphere of cny as you're on the road most time of the month.  and you celebrated with your good friend on just prior to the first day of cny and now you're celebrating the end.
now you'll wait for the next cny which you will definitely celebrate it differently.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

cuisine. three. countries. 三.國.餐.藝

luxembourg is not a big country but when it comes to the choices of restaurants, they're plentiful if not spoil of choice. this is the summary of three nights stay in luxembourg, gourmet across three countries.
day one, you went to a portugese restaurant and had a hearty mediterranean seafood cuisine.  you had cod fish as main course and a flan as dessert. the restaurant is very homey, cozy to the extend it feels like going home to eat the home cook meal made by mama or grandma.
第一天去了里斯本的家庭式料理、充滿海鮮及太平洋風味的海產。點了cod 魚及flan 甜點。份量很大,真的很像媽媽或婆婆做的家庭料理。

day two, dine in the city center where you have a three course dinner starting with lobster soup, french beef stew and mango carpacicio with pineapple ice cream

day three, mexican restaurant, you're a little tired of eating out, so you opt for chicken salad.

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