Sunday, August 31, 2014


you're away for two weeks of summer vacation in italy.  on the last day, you received a news that a brother from your church has been called by the Lord.
death and life are no strange news when one is attached to a community, what puzzle you is this brother is only 41, and dying young is the thing that causes all the random thoughts in your mind.
you saw him  and even shook his hand on sunday 3 weeks ago, but now he has return to the Lord.
as you ponder, life is fragile, and you don't know when your life will end, so seize every opportunity that the Lord has given you and above all, respect and obey God's sovereignty as it's the Lord that determines all.
so, live your life to the fullest, don't be stingy with your words or express your feelings to your love one, make peace and not trouble for you never know when your journey to on Earth will end.

season comes and goes... you're in the autumn and today is the last day of august (which is also your home country national day) and september will step in tomorrow, september is always a new season for many people, the schools restart, people finally back from their summer vacation, so new plans will also kick start in the month of september.  you can't wait to seize what the new season has installed for you!

prov 17:17 a friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


 nervion river by night, this is taken on the last night you're there, right in front of your hotel
 and the city hall which is just a stone throw away... it's a pity that the trip is coming to an end
as in a few hours time you already boarded to your flight very early in the morning, and seeing the sun rise in the aircraft over the horizon.

basque country is an eye opener to you, so near yet it gives you a distance feeling, so spanish yet they have their unique identity and language.

i hope i've not bored you with the series of travel tales from basque country.  i still have more stories and photos but i will draw a conclusion with this post.  when this get posted i am almost at the end of my summer vacation at a different destination. so more tales to be told, only the country and the setting will be different.

Friday, August 29, 2014


when in spain one must eat and try the tapas. while in basque country, everyone feast on pintxos which is similar to tapas but elevated to the next level.
you feast on pintxos from breakfast to dinner and from dusk to dawn and it starts all over again.  here are some of the pintxos shots.
 you started your very first pintxos at bilbao, just next to guggenheim museum
 and in the evening at plaza neuva
even at portugalete, you paused for pintxos and a drink...
 at san sebastian, pintxos is taken to the next level, the txikiteo (bar crawling) starts as early as 11.30am
 and you're served will a heaven of pintxos, some with most unimaginable combination, all in bite size
 and so you went on from one bar to another
 this is how the txakoli (basque country white wine) is poured... from a height to create more bubbles in the glass
 and you carry on, and as you drink and chat, you get to know people and continue on for more pintxos
the rules to keep going is to take only one pintxos at a bar, no matter how tempting they're, and when you have enough of txakoli, ask for musto (grape juice), which is equally great.

it's an experience, particularly in san sebastian where you walk on the street with the highest density of pintxos bars.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

::the great week::

the time that you're there, the city is busy building up performance stages, setting up stalls and preparing for the great week of bilbao that will take place from the 15th august for a week.  if you'd have known this in advance you probably will plan your trip accordingly.
 and this is the same wall that has been painted a few days later....
you have a glimpse of the festival as you're given a chance by a local that point you to a building in the old town to look at the floats - the giant paper figures...
you make a mental note that should you come back again to this city, it will has to be the second part of august and you definitely don't mind to be back to this city again, let's see how it goes...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


when in spain one must try churros con chocolate. so you just had it just once at a cafe well known for this.
the churros is nice with the right texture, the chocolate is alright, sticky and creamy texture, perfect for the churros dip.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


 the playa la concha early in the morning, where the tide is low and people are few... the beach really has the shape of shell (concha) as it curved at both ends of the beach
this is the left side of the beach as you're checking out the miramar palace
 the cloud has some sort of pattern which is quite unique and artistic
and right here is this your view....
as you sit on the bench and enjoy your outlook to the sea....
 the beach get crowded in the afternoon where people start coming out for sun tanning, swimming or surfing
 and this is the right side of playa la concha, you wish you have time to walk beyond the fishing village as from there on is another beach but you're just not in shape for a walk after the pintxos tour
 so you chose to sit at the pier and enjoy people watching
day dreaming and counting the waves...

Monday, August 25, 2014


a beautiful palace where the spanish monarchy spent the summer. for many years, the royal family chose san sebastian for their holidays because of its beaches and climate. 
and the scenery and the architecture here definitely worth the 15 min of walk from where you're and return....

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