Tuesday, November 25, 2014


back from the market with...
it's been a long time since you last visited the weekly market at your neighborhood.  it's only 4c when you set out to the market this morning. winter has creep in silently.  you need to put on a thicker jacket and your gloves soon.

at the market, you're delighted to find some dragon fruits and chinese pears, while the rest of the acquisitions are more or less expected at this time of the year.  while most fruits will be eaten just the way they are, you're going to turn:

  • chinese pear into a sweet soup with white fungus.
  • carrot and mieraap is going to turn into your favorite dish of ju hu char or chai kueh.
  • white radish into cantonese style radish cake
  • avocado in salad or guacamole as these are good fat that fills you up
  • beetroot into power juice
  • leftover carrot will turn into western hearty soup
  • aubergine will be grilled will parmesen cheese, a simple dish you learnt from parma
  • butternut squash will either go in the soup or dish, it's versatile anyway...

you made mental note while you're in the market, now if you find sometime to cook these up... it's good to be home and stay put for a week.

Monday, November 24, 2014


another confession of truffleholic, this truffle butter is so good and aromatic.  you just spread a thin layer on a slice of bread and the earthy truffle aroma fills the air...
simple food, so good. so thankful.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


this was from friday when you're in milan...
you know cova a long time ago. it's a classy cafe located at pacific place, hong kong and you patronized the cafe frequently enough to leave an impression.
but this is the original establishment (while hong kong's cova is a franchised one) located at the exclusive shopping street.
you walked all the way here for a lunch experience. you opt a creamy cheesy risotto with pear. this was good and the photo probably won't do the justice of the taste
and finished off with an espresso, you did attempt for a dessert but it will be too much after the risotto, so the cova complimentary dark chocolate will do...
outside at the window, you spotted this chestnut cake, so autumnal and as much as you would like to have a bite of it, this is for your eyes only...

Saturday, November 22, 2014


stepping yourself here is like a alice in wonderland experience. this is your second encounter with eataly, the first was in bologna where you visited the place briefly for lunch during your summer vacation.
you decided to pay a visit when in the establishment in milan when you know one exists and not too far from where you stay...  you love everything you see, touch and smell in this place, the array of pasta is beyond your imagination.
the cheese and cured meat is also comprehensible.  the assorted pannetone and christmas goodies are beyond description (lost in translation). obviously you spent the whole afternoon here, first browsing leisurely and then decided what to grab while considering your baggage size. the highlight of the visit is of course the pannetone flavor gelato.
if you have another overlay in milan, you will come back again.

that said, this is part of your loot from italy this week, partially from parma and eataly. the rest went missing in the air as your baggage didn't arrive with you last night. the airline has found them and finally delivered to you in the mid afternoon.

Friday, November 21, 2014


this place is rather popular and ranking high on the must visit place/shop in most tourist guide, you came here for a quick visit since it's quite to the other shop that you really interested in.

well, it's dreamy, pretty and cozy establishment with shops, cafes, gallery all in one place.
you visited the gallery that hosts a photography exhibition by a korean photographer.
the cafe is cozy but it's just too early to sit down for a sip
so you went to the shop. everything is kinky, fancy and expensive as per luxury design items
the book shop is worth browsing though with all the interesting magazine and one of a kind publications.
 the outlook from the bookshop
 and you went up to the root top garden briefly. you have the entire place for yourself
 while in solitude, you could imagine this place must be alive and kicking the warmer months. and you won't mind sipping your cocktails or a glass of wine here too...
you love the concept, particularly the roof top garden, a genius idea to create such a oasis in the city center. and you find this artificial grave stone rather epic displaying in a few places in the designer shops. you couldn't quite figure out the exact message the shop trying to convey, but for you, this is the end of this story and your visit.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


you're eager to leave parma, and you plan to catch the train at 18.10 but due to the extended meeting you couldn't make it to that train.  with the next fast train only comes at 20.10, you and your colleagues decided to take a slow train but on the first class ticket.

you're running out of time and barely had enough time to hop on to the train. you didn't have time to find the first class carriage and seeing the carriage that you're in is quite empty, so you decided to sit here. to cut the story short, it was freezing cold and the train is not as comfortable as the usual fast train.  you only come to know that this particular carriage that you're sitting in is relatively empty because the heating is not functioning.  so the conclusion is, you paid for first class, sat on the second class carriage that's without heating.

by the time you reached your hotel, even though it's just quick 4 minutes walk, you feel the numbness on your feet and extreme cold on your body.

so this bowl of barley soup came to a rescue, it warmed up your body and soothe your soul.  it's interesting to discover italian cuisine is more than just pizza and pasta, this is definitely a nice autumnal or wintry soup that keep you warm and full.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


the weather is finally dry.  you woke up a little earlier than usual and decided to check out the wednesday market just one block after your hotel.  you're a little too early, many stalls are still in the setting up stage but that didn't stop you from browsing.  it's a pity the market is not gear towards the fresh produces or local specialties. it's more a household items or clothing kinda market. you went a round, grab something and found a packet of chestnut flour and by then it's time for breakfast, so you return to the hotel and ready for another day of never ending meeting.

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