Sunday, November 08, 2015


it's been a milestone!  out of the twenty anniversaries, you have witnessed and participated at least twelfth of them.  you have witness the growth and transformation of your spiritual family and really count it a blessing that you can be part of this journey.  over the past few years, you're always behind the stage doing performing your duty as an English simultaneous translator.  while you won't mind about that since its your calling and your ministry, you do sometime missing the fact you couldn't participate as an audience. perhaps it's a blessing to give than receiving.  this year, you told God your desire of wanting to participate in the audience floor and sure enough that your desire is granted!
the entire organization and execution was wonderfully done! applause to the organizing committee and gods anointing and presences were so strong in the ballroom.  the massage is profound and the declaration of the third Pentecostal is a revelation to you.
you're truly blessed to have this church that you can called home and a place to fellowship, nurture in God's teachings, seek godly counsel and be a person whom God wants you to be!

Saturday, November 07, 2015

18/22 ximending.西.門.町

while you're ready to call it a night after the night market hunt, he insisted going to ximending.  this place is like hong kong's causeway bay, tokyo's shibuya and new york's time square.
full of people, both young people or tourists.

Friday, November 06, 2015


you left yilan for taipei. back to urban city and back to night life.  something you missed after a few days in the country side of taiwan. you're city gal after all!  the night market that you're visiting is not the famous one, raohe street night market located nicely just a few metro shops away from where you lodged.
 you're determined to try the pepper pork bun and the line was long. you stood in the line for about 20 minutes before it's your turn to order your buns.
 one bite, it's totally worth the effort and the queuing!  burst with spicy pepper, full of the aroma of the spring onion and juicy pork patty. he called this chinese pork burger! it's delicious and it's filling!
 you didn't try this drink but this seem to be a very popular bottle
 as you walk along the street, there are more stalls, more people but the strolling is interesting and not tiring.  let alone you're not sweating as you can feel the hint of autumn in the air....
 obviously more food, so much that you don't know where to start and what to choose
 he opt for this grilled octopus
 while you decided on this braised duck wings (滷味). it's yummy!
 and you finally found your ultimate hunt to the famous fried taro balls at the end of the street.  you had a taro ball and a salted egg yolk taro ball.  you wish you could order more but you know your stomach cannot contain them all, so you're happy with your two balls and it's so good!
 then you turnaround and walk slowly back to the starting point and see more food.... for you the taro balls are the end of your meal
 whilst for him, he is still hunting for his perfect bowl as if what you have eaten along the way has not been considered as dinner...
finally he settled with this bowl of soup, fake shark fin soup and you could officially end your night market food hunt.
it's interesting, vibrant and you just loved the scents and the aroma, and to the extend the noise of the people walking around and the stall owner shouting to attract attention.  finally, you're back to the city life.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

18/22 plum.blossom.lake.梅.花.湖

the weather decided to be dry (and sunny) today. it's such a different after a day of heavy rain.
you woke up really early, around 6am to make up of the time you lost due to bad weather a day before. you took your bike from the bnb while everyone is still asleep
 and of you go for a ride around the lake, the view in the morning is very different
 and in fact you ride around the lake for 3 times and it's really a relatively small lake, along the way, you only see a few elderly people doing the morning walk or the hard core jogging around the path
 it's indeed beautiful, "as a deer panted for water, so my soul long after thee...." moment like this always draw you closer to God and His beautiful creation....
 let alone you spotted some squirrels on the tree, the village may be still sleeping but the nature is in play
 you left the lake area feeling you still not have enough ride, so you venture out to the road along the cycling path to roam around the village.  yilan is a province of agriculture where most inhabitants are farmers or fishermen.  the country side scenery is calming and slowing down your pace
 and you cycle back to the lake around exploring the neighboring cafes, shops and bnb.  there are some charming ones but mostly gear towards the taiwanese romantic ambiance or something utterly european.
 the cafe you visited yesterday now sitting in the lavish greens and blue sky...  this is the impact of weather to the mood of the traveler...
on your way back to the bnb for breakfast, you decided to check out a building that look like a Christian retreat center even though at the gate there's strong warning against tourist visit.  you went in anyway and to find out it's actually the house for the homeless children run by a western missionary couples from united states.  they're friendly towards you and you had a quick visit and get to know this place and its mission.  it certainly has a lot of impact to you for the day, especially after seeing the babies and the kids and knowing a bit of history behind.  yet you find this pleasantly fits into your plan of the day.  

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

17/22 國立傳統藝術中心

 you have plan to visit national center for traditional art, a rather famous places of interest in taiwan. you decided to go anyway since it's a rainy day. the place is huge but not really sheltered, and with the hard pouring rain, everyone is trying to find refuge under a roof, in the shops or restaurants...
 as a result you hardly take any photo due to the rain and the crowds and spent most of your time in the two row of shops selling the merchandised from the past with nostalgic values or shops showcasing the arts that can be purchased
you bet it wasn't too bad if you're here on a dry day but the experience that you had, standing with so many people in a confined place was not pleasant.
 you try to escape to another house within the compound, this is the mansion of a scholar, but you're trapped in the house for a long time as the rain is getting heavier and while there's something to see, but it won't take up too long...
 and finally you decided to leave the mansion and return to the main site in the rain....
 the merchandised on offer here did bring up some nostalgic moments or a brief journey down the memory lane but they're really just for browsing...
 and it's just not pleasant to browse when it's so crowded in every shop
even in the restaurant! said that aside, you had something local to yilan, that's the fried dough of flour. perhaps it's cafeteria standard, it's not spectacular either. and you quickly retrieve back to your bed and breakfast lodge after your meal here.
honestly speaking, it's not worth the visit, not when you have to pay for the entrance to do shopping, that's the kinda feeling you had. may be it will be a total different experience if you visited on a fine day, but that's for other to tell!

Tuesday, November 03, 2015


 it just happened to be a very wet day.  yilan is at the east coast so it subject to the rain from pacific ocean.  you continued with the chinese porridge breakfast that being served in every bed and breakfast in taiwan. it's delicous nonetheless...
 at the main building, the entire building is built with hinoki wood and hence the entire place is scented with the hinoki fragrant.  very subtle, certainly not overpowering but very pleasant.  at the corner of the reception, one can make tea or coffee and of course taking time to sip at the area provided....
 you loved their flower tea, you have been indulged in rose, lavender, ostmanhut and many others... it's really nice that you could brew your own pot of tea and letting it sip and then drinking it slowly while admiring the environment.
 the day was just too wet, so wet that you could hardly get to the famous plum blossom lake but you did make it to one of the cafes along the lake
and right here, you had a glass of iced latte and a portion of green tea wafel.  life and pace is definitely slow here in yilan. but you're enjoying it ^^

Monday, November 02, 2015


autumn also means you will spent more time in the museum compare to spring and summer where you hardly visited any museum as most activities are done outdoor.
this exhibition is showcasing edvard munch in correlation with van Gogh, making comparison throughout the artists life and career.
 post museum pick me up in the city center of amsterdam at a bakery. their other version of stroopwafel was great!
 and in the evening followed by another round of eating at friend's place also in amsteram. the  weather is getting colder by day, so it's time for hotpot!
with these home made chilies to spice you all up!
this summed up your saturday, museum, cafe, dinner!

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