Thursday, January 22, 2015

gentlemen's agreement

the meeting went well, the conversation was challenging but you strike a gentlemen's agreement albeit you're in a team of three ladies and a gentleman.  you went out for an 'informal' celebration at this restaurant that you been once before. great food and even better dessert that you're so carried away with the conversation and eating and didn't even snap a photo.  among the four of you, you had a chocolate slice and an apple cooked with raisin.  rustic but so good, your colleague had tomato cake (yes, tomato!) that's also yummy and light,
on the side note, your role or major duty has been done, the rest is up to the commercial team to make it happened and perhaps you will be back to this city again in a month or two.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


it's a long trip since you first travel to brussels for some preparatory meetings and then fly out from brussels enrout milan before you finally reached your destination.
despite the long journey, you're still up for a light dinner and drink, hence you went out with one colleague that opt in (while the other two opt out).
when in parma, you must savor the local delicacies, it's been awhile and you last taste the prosciutto and the cheese. and it washed down well with the bottle of rose.
and you absolutely don't find the dinner in enoteca style!

Monday, January 19, 2015


your outlook this morning when you driving to work at 9am.  you have to drive through the thick mist and the visibility is relatively low.
let's hope the weather will be better tomorrow as you have to drive to brussels, otherwise you will need a lot of journey mercy

Sunday, January 18, 2015


 a lovely cafe in delft, perhaps the hippest and most popular one...
 other than a cafe that serve simple food, the entire place is a show case for designer goods that are for sales
this tea intrigues you...
 it's busy on saturday but you didn't wait long for your table, so first up is a cup of tea for him and a cappuccino for yourself
 your salad
 his sandwich with bacon and many other goodies
his brownie...
all in all, it's a good place to eat simple, fresh and quality food, cakes are home made, but if you would come again, you will rather drop by on week days when the cafe is less crowded...

Saturday, January 17, 2015


finally a bright and sunny weekend! you decided to have something special for your breakfast.  just two brioche toast with a sunny side egg and drizzle with maple syrup. a sweet start to your saturday!
happy weekend!

Friday, January 16, 2015


you are thrill to receive a chinese new year greeting card from a good old childhood friend. that said, the spring festival is just round the corner.  you aren't sure where you going to be and if you're going to be on business trip or home, either way, this festive is not celebrated in your adopted land but you will make it just a little memorable this year...
happy weekend!

Thursday, January 15, 2015


you ate this when you're at kyoto before. you had both the raw (nama) and baked (yaki) version. you had this recipe for many years but it never occurs to you to give it a try until you sorted out the cookies recipes and found it.
 you decided to do a trail batch with cinnamon flavor. the steps are simple and doable, but the outcome is ugly and too much air pockets caught in the cookies.  as such it's a fail batch with only a few crunchy ones and you find this way too sweet to your liking.
and the next day, you give the recipe another go... reduced the sugar and replaced the flavoring to japanese green tea (matcha), extend the baking time and let them cool down in the oven. this is a satisfactory batch. they are crisp and crunchy just like the ones you ate in kyoto albeit not as pretty as the store bought version.

you will bake more when the festive season is approaching and you already have in mind what flavors and shapes you will do with your yaki yatsuhashi.

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