Thursday, April 16, 2015


it was a fine day yesterday, the warmest so far and it's the time of the year again. it's your annual date with spring.
you just love the scenery and thoroughly enjoy your time in the flower fields. the fragrant of hyacinth as you walked through them is such a pure joy and bliss.
the paintbrush tulip fields with windmill at the backdrop. this is the most beautiful time of the year in lowland.
you're truly thankful that you can spend some moments in the fields, enjoying the natural beautiful that the Lord has given according to His time (season of the year).
everything come into life in spring!

psalm 150:6 let everything that has breath, praise the Lord!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

second visit, but this time you're trying a totally different things.  while waiting for your friends, you opt for an aperitif aperol since you're not in the mood for sweet or milky.  after their arrival, you suddenly has appetite for something, perhaps it's the alcohol in effect, you actually ordered a hot chocolate sisi style follow by a kaiserschmarnn with plum compote and apple mouse.  it's all good and your tummy is happy again...

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


the last time you're here was autumn. the same palace garden but the outlook is totally different and this time you have the time and opportunity to walk from the palace to gloritte. for now, this is a glimpse of the palace garden.

Monday, April 13, 2015

you know easter is long over, but you just have one more easter market that you will to remember. this is the one at the summer palace of sisi and franz joseph.  it's quite different from the one in the city center, while that one painted eggs is the center of the focus, right here it's more the showcase of handicraft.  you spent more time here browsing the handicraft and sampling some food from the stalls.

the weather is definitely getting warmer and while i am still sitting in lowland waiting for the big project to start, i am learning to be patience and try to stay positive and seize the moment.  i was a little worried over the weekend but on sunday, the Lord reveals and speaks peace into my heart, instead of asking for a project why not asking what is God's will for me in this situation.  and once i have this perspective, i beginning to have peace in my heart.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


a pause from your travel tale.  you stopped by at the cherry blossom park on saturday after your museum visit in amsterdam. the weather wasn't perfect but the sun was shinning in the early evening when you arrived the park.
it's quiet, serene and surreal without many visitors. the blossom is awesome, may be not as dramatic as the ones you saw in tokyo but right here in your adopted land, this scenery is hard to come by and almost precious.
sakura blossom is very short lived, you have to catch the right timing, be at the right place and the right time to be able to appreciate this blossom.  just before you leave the park, you saw the memorial monument about the greatest earthquake and tsunami that you ever experienced together with the japanese people, march 11th that leaves a unforgettable marks (in a good way and a bad way) in your life.

Saturday, April 11, 2015


it's almost a tradition to visit the market in every city that you set your foot on. you learned about nashmarkt a fresh produce market cum eateries along the area. but you're more thrilled by the flea market that you read about, that taking place on saturday at the end of nashmarkt.
so you make a point to be there but was rather disappointed by the flea market that selling every thing in un-categorized stalls. they're some interesting finds that are unique and porcelain maker that are not common to you, yet the asking price was ridiculous! may be it is you who don't know how to appreciate these junks but you got a feeling that the moment you asked for the price in english, the stalls will response with a tourist price tag. hence, despite some good stuff that interest you, you walk to the regular nashmarkt empty handed.

on the contrary, you enjoy the vibrant atmosphere at nashmarkt, things are cheaper and some fresh produces they're unbelievable value for money.  if its not because you have to roam around the city, you probably will get strawberries for example.  as you stroll along, you try different things, from dried fruits, tea, chocolate, falafel to assorted bread.  When the crowd increased, you grab some falafel, poppy seed (mohn) bun, some turkish pastry filled with spinach and cheese and leave the market happily, knowing that at some time later you will have the chance to sample them.

when you first came in the afternoon, the queue was too long, as a result you just give it a miss.  in the evening, when your friends arrived and you decided to come here for a late dinner.  there's almost no line when you arrived at the door and got seated swiftly.
since you're eyeing on the cakes, so you decided to go really light on dinner by just having a goulash soup. The soup was great, taste really food without artificial flavoring.
like cafes in paris, the table is really small to fit the 3 dishes on the table and eat comfortably. It was an intimate eating session and you chat with your friends about the past (good old times in shanghai) and the present (canada and lowland).
after the main meal or rather soup for you, you walk to the cake section and pick your choice. with 3 different choices of cake, you share among yourselves...
situated next to palais ferstel, the interior was superb with the cupola and the pianist playing on the grand piano. you enjoyed both your food and the conversation. the service was with a kind '  indifferent' attitude but all in all a memorable meal in a nice cafe with long established history.
 as you walk out cafe central, you enter the next door leading to the passage. this was the view from the afternoon, busy and bustling with people and a lady playing harp.
 and this is the comparison of the view, left taken int he afternoon and right taken in the evening when all shops are closed
this is quite an enchanting moment, to stand here briefly all by yourselves and take in the view and the atmosphere ^^

Friday, April 10, 2015

as you have made a list of viennese cafes that you plan to visit, while all the tourists flock to vienna, some of the cafes on your list is almost not to your avail or the line is too long.
while you fail to gain access (or rather refuse the long wait) at two of your first choice cafes, you resort to the next on the list and within the proximity of the other two.  and not only you made it here and they are a few tables awaiting you. obviously less tourist and rather dark and dimmed interior with very rustic setting, wooden ceiling and aged red velvet panned wall.
yet it's a delight to be here, the cafe has no menu, you either order it from the chalk board if you read german or alternatively ask the waiter what is on offer of the day. since you just visited cafe landtmann few hours ago, you're not in the mood for sweet cake, so you opt for a savory snack. a cup of tea and a vienna style frankfurter.
the cafe is really 'old' and you could almost smell the history as you breath in the air that confine to it. this is apparently a very popular literature cafe and a meeting places for artists and writers of that time.
this cafe despite it appearance as one of the must visit cafes while one visiting vienna, it has more local clienteles than tourists. perhaps the 'no menu' and not knowing the language is  intimidating to even enter this place. but it doesn't bother you, you're a seasoned traveler  after all! 

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