Friday, October 17, 2014


you've been missing the malaysian teochew style chai kuey (菜粿) for the longest.  the jicama used to be accessible in the asian store but they have not make any appearance for months. you found your substitute for jicama which is a variety of dutch turnip called meiraap.  even then meiraap are missing from the weekly market lately. it's not till a friend got hold of two from a bigger daily market that you're able to make this again.
 you mil made some cantonese style chu cheong fun(猪肠粉), they're suprisingly tender and soft and yummy too.
and the black sesame tang yuan (dumplings/黑芝麻汤圆) that you also missed occasionally especially during the colder days...
so you satisfied all gluttony at once as supper tonight. at least you no longer feel hungry or starving in the middle of the night.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


think energy, think nutrient.
think seeds - pumpkin, sunflower, flex, black and white sesame
think nuts - peanut, almond
think dried fruits, oat and may more...
this is a home made energy bar based on what you can find at home in your kitchen, pantry and food storage cupboard.  it turned out surprisingly well and addictive, you can't stop at one piece.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

one last dinner
 an iberico ham with chestnut puree
a white fish in black lentil, you had this last week and you just decided to have this again since it's so good.

 one last breakfast, your favorite oatmeal in finnish wild beriess compote
lightly seared salmon sashimi and a 4 min soft boiled egg
and you're bidding your (un)official goodbye to this country and this city.
you received a gift from your client and it's nothing more than the pride of finland, a latest season side plate, small spoon and servet  tissue all in the same design.
you have fond memory of helsinki and you're thankful for everything.
now closing your scandinavian capture and turning a new page.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


you went to the beach in the late afternoon just before the sunset.
 you've been here once in the summer, though the place is the same but the scenery has totally changed
 the view of yellow leaves between the tree
 the view of the sea between the two bunches of yellow leaves
 it does make this place more colorful, and from here you walk towards the cafe
 the fallen red leaves are beautiful, although it's no longer a season to sit at the terrace, you still have to urge to get in there
but chairs are occupied by the foliage.
you met up with your client and her cute puppy for a long chat over a drink.  it's funny when you look back to your first arrival to helsinki for this project some time in early november last year.  the days were in constant darkness with the brightest gloomy grey at most.  people were as cool as ice and refused to speak a word of english.  it's one way communication from you to them.  as the weather warms up, people also warm up to you and two way dialogue established.  you get to know them more and by early summer you're invited to private homes, to secluded places for drinks, dinners and outing.
as the cycle closes itself, this trip is actually your last visit to helsinki for this client.  it's not a definite goodbye as you're probably required again as the project evolves, however you're alright to bid farewell for now as you're really not looking forward for the cold and dark wintry days in this country.

Monday, October 13, 2014


leaving tuscany, after about 16 ~17 tunnels (you lost count) and a northbound followed by  an eastbound journey, you finally reached ravenna after 2 hours of driving.
it's still very hard for you to bid farewell to tuscany and suddenly back to a modern city, thankfully ravenna is not yet a main stream tourism city. after one round of orientation, you kinda confused as there's no renaissance architecture. the city  doesn't look italian either. you thought you're in germany or lowland (delft) or sort.
the inner city is car free and bicycles abound. to date you're still confused with the lanes, can't make distinction between bicycle or pedestrian lanes.

you had a padinia for lunch, some form of crepe, quite nice as a snack though you find yours a tad too salty while his spinach padinia was perfect.
after the lunch you got hold of your unesco world heritage monument ticket, and the adventure of byzantine mosaic is about to begin.

when this get posted i am either still on my way or already checked in to my hotel. it's a late start as i am taking a late evening flight.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


the sun comes out to play today. so you decided to skip the sunday zumba session for a joy ride.  at least this is something that you can do together let alone the weather is really perfect for cycling.
first stop you check out the apple orchard at the village next to you. although there're still apples on the tree but the apple harvest season is long gone.
from here you cycle to the lake, it's good to enjoy the fresh breeze and the nature. most importantly is the precious solar therapy before mr sunshine decided to hide itself up for the winter months.
it's the moment of serenity that you cherish and this outlook that reminds you of the goodness of the Lord in psalm 23:6 surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. and i will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.
all in all a maximum 6km course but your heart is contented. have a blessed sunday!

Saturday, October 11, 2014


you baked a batch of popovers. your first attempt and it's spontaneous decision as you've abundance of blueberries that you picked up from the supermarket.
 it's a simple bake without much technique and it rises!!  quite high in fact when it's in the oven
 it deflated a bit by the time they're cooled
 you served it with a cup of very dirty chai, with addition of star anise, cardamom and cinnamon stick added to it when brewing them in the low flame.
 it's good, gooey texture. a little bit like the dutch baby pancakes that one baked in the oven... with this as your late afternoon tea, you make your way to the church for the praise night with the theme "overflow"
it's just appropriate now that you think of it, starting with the popovers that literally overflow the baking ramskin and now finishing the night in the church with a guest singer from indonesia and utterly feel the presence of the Lord.

 joel 2:24 and the floors shall be full of wheat, and the fats shall overflow with wine and oil

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