Monday, March 14, 2016

effective.people. 七個有績效人的習慣

you normally don't have high hope on corporate training and normally the criteria for the training is the location.  this training has the most impact in your life. the content of the training is not entirely new but the impact you received is rather powerful and long lasting. it's like a mirror that force you into self examine of your life, life mission, your interaction with others, with the society and with God. it's really food for thought overflow!
我對公司培訓的期望一般都不大. 但今次的培訓卻深深的影響了我的人生目標、觀點。雖然不能說內容全新、其實很多習慣自己都早已應用在生活中、但課程的設計卻像一面鏡子、讓我深深的自我反省、人與人,人與社會的互動、人與神的關係。感觸良多。

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