Monday, January 21, 2013

it begins to look a lot like Christmas chinese new year.
your flight were cancelled due to bad weather, you were informed at 8pm last night.  you went to sleep happily as you can sleep in a little longer and don't have to braise with the snow, slippery road. you woke up at 9 am this morning (you know it's late, but you work in uk time zone) and saw an email from the airline that you're re-booked to 8 am flight this morning and the email was sent at past midnight! of course you didn't make your flight, not that you want to.
you made some soy milk, it's been awhile since you last had a cup of freshly made soy milk.  but you did this because you want to make the bean curd version (tofu fa).  you certainly enjoy the soy milk but you are looking forward for a bowl of savory tofu fa, the first batch was not successful because you did your math wrong.  the second batch is still in the setting and hopefully your wish will come true...

you marinated the 500g minced meat last night, so this morning you just pressed them to thin sheet and baked them.  these are seriously yummy, delicious and unbelievable easy to make.
this is the treat that you got to savoy during chinese new year.

that said, it's still wintry and chrismassy here, and you can't wait for spring to arrive.

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