Tuesday, January 22, 2013


you got some okinawa purple potatoes last weekend during your brief visit to the asian store.  you just know the chance is hard to get by where you can buy the fresh purple potato, so you just bought some not knowing exactly what are you going to do with it. given the situation that you are supposed to fly to london and can probably only work on them in the weekend.

in reality, you stay put this week thanks to the bad weather.  you wasn't sure why, some how you are love spending time in the kitchen, not cooking the normal routine lunch or dinner but let your imagination running wild with the ideas you have and finding time to conceive them.

 this is one of them, you could have settle with bubur cha cha, a heavily coconut milk based dessert very popular in south east asia. but you just refuse to do so, so wagashi is it!

 you would rather called these japanese inspired wagashi and you regretted you didn't buy the normal orange sweet potato, otherwise the color would be lovely,  but purple color alone is good. it's such a deep, intense dark purple and it's so sweet by nature that you literally omit the sugar in making this...
you do miss this! the japanese tea ceremony. a cup of bitter matcha and a simple wagashi. and this is the best you can reminisce in europe, with what you have. still you are thankful for the life changing experience in japan, although the time has passed and you should just look forward to london.

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